Another Round of Snowy Weather Ahead For the U.S

Most of the United States has been undergoing a much needed reprieve from rain, ice, and snow. Unfortunately, this reprieve will be short-lasting.  A new winter storm, hailed “Titan” is expected to lay down large accumulations of heavy snow from California all the way to New England throughout the end of this week and beginning of next. As well as snow, the Plains and Mid-Atlantic states may also see a large amount of sleet and freezing rain coming their way. This large cell is due to the crossing of two strong systems crossing within the next few days. California is already experiencing some rain due to this large cell, but luckily it will weaken as it moves into the Rockies throughout Thursday. Mainly light snow can be predicted for residents living in the Midwest for Friday, and into Friday night.

The second storm will bring more havoc than the first though, and that is the system that has been named Titan. Heavy rain and mountain snow will overtake California on Friday, and then will make its way throughout the mid-Atlantic and into the East. While drought-stricken California receives relief, an extremely cold arctic air mass will pop up from the south and make its way up to the northern half of the U.S.

Titan will be so impactful because of the warm moist air coming from the Gulf mixing with the cold and shallow air that is present in the Midwest and Northeast. Once these cells collide, an ice storm can be predicted. How much ice, and where it will be present is not exactly certain yet because it is still very early in the system.

The largest disturbance will begin to unfold on Saturday as snow begins to spread east across parts of the Plains and Midwestern states. On late Sunday into Monday will be where the precipitation becomes the heaviest. Significant ice accumulation is very likely through the Ozarks and into the Ohio Valley, with snow predicted farther north. On Sunday, the main cities that are expected to see ice are Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Some of the southern states may also see a wintry mix, and this includes Memphis, Nashville, Paducah, Louisville, and Lexington.

As we go into next week, the areas that will see ice accumulation will be situated across the Mid-Atlantic. This threat ranges from Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C, and could even make its way into Virginia. If you are a resident of any of these areas, it is important to prepare for a significant amount of ice.

By Sunday, more snowfall is expected across the Midwest. Again, because it is so early in the system, meteorologists have not yet determined exactly where this snow will fall. But a broad zone that includes areas between I-70 and I-80 on the north end has the best possibility of heavy snow.  On Monday, this snow will move into the Northeast, just above the ice zone that was mentioned above. Depending on the track of this system, the snow/ice line could be anywhere from Pennsylvania and New Jersey to Virginia.

It is always in your best interest to have an emergency kit in your car when large ice or snow storms are predicted in your forecast. This is also true for your home, as it is always in your best interest to be prepared for anything! If you want to further track Winter Storm Titan, stay tuned to your local weather authority or check the Weather Channel for more updates in your area!