Damaging Cold Weather Storms

Cold weather storms can be quite damaging. These storms can range from a light snowfall to the dangerous nor’easters, which can immobilize the whole region. Winter storms can start house fires and leave people without utilities and other services. Motorists can get trapped in a blizzard or heavy snowfall. There are different types of cold weather storms that can cause considerable damage to your home.

Strong Windy Storms

Cold weather storms are generally accompanied by intense winds creating blizzards. Strong winds can cause blinding snow and severe chilly conditions. These powerful winds with potent clod fronts and storms can bring down utility poles, power lines and trees. Winter storms along the coast can lead to flooding of the coastal area, beach erosion, and even sink boats and ships at sea. Winds blowing down the mountains in the West and Alaska can reach the speeds of 100 mph or more inflicting serious damage to roof and buildings.

Extreme Cold Brought By Cold Weather Storms

Extreme cold conditions either accompany or follow the cold weather storms. Extended exposure to cold can cause serious health problems such as frostbite or hypothermia. These conditions can even become life-threatening. Older people and infants are most vulnerable during cold conditions. Freezing conditions can seriously damage the fruit crops and plant life. Freezing temperatures can cause the pipes in your home to freeze and burst, which may damage your property and belongings. Long spells of extreme cold can result in freezing of rivers, hindering shipping, and may also lead to the formation of ice jams causing flooding.

Ice Storms

Heavy ice storms can knock down electric lines, communication towers and trees. Accumulation of ice can disrupt power supply and communications for days. It may also leave roads impassable causing extreme hazards to pedestrians and motorists.

Heavy snow storms

Heavy snow storms can leave an entire region completely immobilized and paralyzed. Snow storms can disrupt emergency and medical services. Accumulation of snow can cause a building to collapse. Heavy snowfall can take down trees and power lines. Homes and farms in rural regions can be cut off from the rest of the surrounding areas for several days, and vulnerable livestock can be lost. In the mountainous regions, extreme snowfall can cause dangerous avalanches. The cost of restoring the damage caused by a heavy snow storm can have a huge impact on the economies of the effected cities and towns.