Fire Damage Emergency Tips: What to Do Before Help Arrives

When a fire breaks out, you will feel in a state of alarm. In times like this, knowing what to do is very important in order to control the situation. Having some basic knowledge on this can make a difference in whether you escape safely or not. The following are 3 tips on what do before help arrives during a fire emergency.

Fire Damage Emergency Tips What to Do Before Help Arrives

1. Making the Escape
Not every fire requires you to call the fire department. If it is a small fire, for example, your stove caught on fire, you can easily extinguish it by covering it with a pot lid or with a pail of water from the bathroom. However, if the fire is too big and spreading fast, the first thing to do is to get yourself out of the house in 5 minutes. If there is someone who is not able to make it, you can move the person as near to the open window as possible so that the firefighters can easily rescue him afterward.

You can escape through the door if you see no smoke under it and the handle is cool to touch. If the fire is behind the door, you can try to escape through the window. If the smoke is choking you, use your hand to cover your nose and mouth. After that, get down on the floor and crawl to the destination. Inhaling too much smoke can make you fainted in the middle of escape.

2. Call the Fire Department
Once you have to get out of the house, you can dial 911 to call the fire department. It is best to call 911 when you have already safely escaped. When you call 911, the operator will ask your name, your address, and the emergency you are calling for. It is important to give the full address so that the fire truck will arrive at the right place. The operator may also ask for other information such as the fire location, pets, people trap in the fire, and other hazards so that they know what to expect.

3. Carry Out an Injury Assessment
After that, you can carry out an injury assessment on yourself and your family members. If there is someone injured, you should call the ambulance quickly to get the person sent to the hospital. As a rule of thumb, you should always keep your house prepared for a fire emergency. This includes installing smoke detectors and make sure that the batteries are always fresh. If your windows have bars, you must make sure that they can be opened easily in case you need to escape. You can also keep collapsible ladders in the rooms in case you need to climb down to the ground from a second story.