Severe Storms hit Western Minneapolis Sunday Night

On Thursday, Minneapolis was hit with a thunderstorm leaving more than 5 inches of rain. Then, late Sunday evening into early Monday morning, severe thunderstorms once again hit southwestern Minneapolis. Warnings were going across the city for severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, and flash flood warnings. Some spectators clam to have seen funnel clouds just outside of the city, in Wheaton, but those reports has not yet been confirmed. As of this morning there have been no reports of injury. The storms originated in South Dakota and traveled to Minneapolis at 75 miles per hour where minor damaged was caused. Large barns and homes had their roofs ripped off, trees hit the buildings, and some were ruined beyond repair. One school, had their bleachers flipped over and landed on their baseball field, the field was ruined. Rain was coming down for many hours and by the end of the storm 6-10 inches of rain was reported to have come down. This caused worry that flooding was going to be a big concern. As expected, many residents now are dealing with flooded basements and homes. Hail was one of the biggest concerns. Some people have reported to have seen hail as big as a tennis ball which caused damage to cars, homes, and barns. Trees and power lines were knocked down causing the roads to be closed. Also, as many as 4,000 homeowners are still without power in the southern and western part of the state. The Cannon and Little Cannon Rivers are flooded which has also added to the fact that the roads are closed and will continue to be shut down until water levels are back to normal. Fires caused a barn to go up in flames as a result of the major lightning storms late last night. Many of the residents are used to storms like the one that came though last night and are just grateful that no one was hurt.