Severe Weather In The Forecast For This Weekend

For the most part, Minneapolis and St. Paul have experienced nothing but pleasant weather lately. Unfortunately, that wonderful weather streak may be coming to a screeching halt this weekend. Storms that are in the forecast for this weekend may hinder any plans that you have outdoors for this last official weekend of summer.

The temperatures have been relatively mild, and the temperature will continue to hold in the low 70’s until Friday’s storms roll into town, and they will raise the temperature into the mid 70s. When looking up to the sky, you can predict nothing but an overcast shade of gray as the storms make their way into the region from the afternoon into the evening hours.

As for the temperature as we going into tonight, they will continue to follow the same trend which is warming up. The temperatures are actually going to rise nearly 16 degrees above average for this time of year. The typical overnight lows for this time of year are somewhere in the low 50’s, and on Friday night and early Saturday morning, they could reach a low near 65 degrees.

The storms will then continue into Saturday morning as the temperatures continue on their incline upward. By the middle of the day on Saturday, the high will be fairly close to the 80 degrees mark, which is a whopping 10 degrees higher than normal for this time.

If there are any football fans that are planning to head to the TCF Bank Stadium to catch the University of Minnesota take on the Spartans, they will want to stay alert for any lingering thunderstorms that may make their presence during the tailgating hours.

If you are going to be outside this weekend, make sure that you stay updated on the weather system in your area. At the first sign of severe weather, such as thunder or lightning, seek shelter indoors immediately. Do not take shelter under trees.

The skies should be clear by Saturday evening. As we move into Sunday, the skies will no longer be overcast, and there will be sunshine with some potentially breezy conditions. The temperatures will drop as well into the seasonal average of the low 70s.

The overnight temperatures will also fall into place and settle a little closer to the average for this time of year on Sunday night. The low on Sunday is expected to be in the low 50’s.

As we look ahead into next week, temperatures will fall yet again into the mid 60s and sunny skies will bring the autumn season into full effect.