Severe Weather with Heavy Rain, Possible Tornadoes being Forecast

People living in the Midwest are being told that a strong spring storm is heading their way. That’s not great news for people living in dozens of Michigan counties as a great portion of the Great Lakes State has had more than its share of rain over the past week or so. There are flood advisories in effect for several lower Michigan counties Wednesday of which many may be changed to flood warnings as heavy rain is in the forecast.

In the west, scattered snow is expected throughout the day Wednesday in the central Rockies. Snow will be falling in the central High Plains as well and on to the Red River Valley as stormy weather grows stronger over the eastern portion of Nebraska. There are flood watches in effect from Missouri to Michigan Wednesday as a big system from the west is moving toward the Corn Belt and on into the Great Lakes. Between two and four inches of rain may fall from the eastern portion of Oklahoma to Michigan over the next few days, making flooding fears more intense for scores of potential flood victims.

People living in the southern portion of Minnesota have a real ‘slop fest’ to look forward to mid-week. That part of the state could see a variety of weather Wednesday and Thursday ranging from light snow to a rain & snow mix to mainly snow that could accumulate up to five inches or more. And yes, Minnesotans also could see sleet and thunder to broaden the weather spectrum even more. The next wave of weather to hit Minnesota looks to be much stronger, windier and snowier Thursday night into Friday. By the time it all ends later Friday, people there will have seen a little bit of everything and will spend the start of the weekends shoveling yet another batch of wet, sloppy snow off their walks and drives. The Twin Cities of Minnesota have seen its snowiest April in eleven years and if the current forecast plays out as expected, more springtime weather records may be shattered. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sandbagging efforts were underway in Lake County, Illinois Wednesday as that area braces for flooding. The National Weather Service says that there could be very serious flooding along the Des Plaines River as well as other area rivers and creeks. If that county does get the forecast heavy wet snow and up to four inches of rain, experts say that moderate to major flooding could indeed occur during the coming days.